WILDMINT is a boutique digital marketing company specializing in creative content, branding, website design and social media.

We are committed to quality, creativity, and above all, remaining genuine. Our goal is to grow your business by engaging your potential customers with inspired marketing initiatives that align with your company’s core values and whatever it is that makes you great. 


  • 01 LEARN

    We make sure to learn and understand your business and mission - what really makes you tick. Working with Wildmint will feel like having your own marketing department.

  • 02 ANALYZE

    We research what your competitors are doing to learn from their strengths and weaknesses, and analyze industry trends, to develop unique ideas to set you apart.

  • 03 PLAN

    We develop a strategic marketing plan tailored to your company, industry and target markets. We focus on creative, effective tactics that will show you real results.

  • 04 DELIVER

    This is where Wildmint does its thing. We execute your marketing initiatives in your required time frame, while keeping the lines of communication open.


    We're always evolving. We consistently test the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and listen to your feedback to adapt and enhance our tactics accordingly.



Rachael White has over 12 years of experience in marketing and business management. She’s always striving for the equilibrium between perfection and uniqueness. Rachael got her Bachelor’s degree in Management from Central Connecticut State University with a 3.98 GPA and has been helping businesses grow ever since. She enjoys exploring foreign lands and can be found sipping black coffee, red wine or craft beer; foraging farmers’ markets; remaining pale at the beach; and listening to an ever-expanding anthology of music. Rachael believes that our life experiences help develop a rich, dynamic perspective that adds value in the marketing and creative industry.