WILDMINT is a boutique digital marketing company specializing in creative content, branding, website design and social media.

We are committed to quality, creativity, and above all, remaining genuine. Our goal is to grow your business by engaging your potential customers with inspired marketing initiatives that align with your company’s core values and whatever it is that makes you great. 


  • 01 LEARN

    We make sure to learn and understand your business and mission - what really makes you tick. Working with Wildmint will feel like having your own marketing department.

  • 02 ANALYZE

    We research what your competitors are doing to learn from their strengths and weaknesses, and analyze industry trends, to develop unique ideas to set you apart.

  • 03 PLAN

    We develop a strategic marketing plan tailored to your company, industry and target markets. We focus on creative, effective tactics that will show you real results.

  • 04 DELIVER

    This is where Wildmint does its thing. We execute your marketing initiatives in your required time frame, while keeping the lines of communication open.


    We're always evolving. We consistently test the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and listen to your feedback to adapt and enhance our tactics accordingly.


Rachael White, Wildmint Media Founder and Creative Director

(She / Her)


Rachael White founded Wildmint in 2016 to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their passions and ideas into thriving organizations and brands. Rachael believes that our life experiences help develop a rich, dynamic perspective that adds value to the marketing and creative industry. In addition to working in marketing for the past 13 years, Rachael has also read a multitude of books (mostly novels, and purchased even more), practiced her high-school Japanese in Hakone (poorly), made tanta pasta from scratch with her great-grandmother’s machine (including at her and Jeremy’s elopement), and most recently, carried a newborn calf across a field at their farm.

Jeremy White, Wildmint Media Partner/Creative Director/Video Production

(He / Him)


Jeremy has been passionate about creating art since he was a kid. From drawing and painting to photography and filmmaking. Those passions only grew as he did. He got his degree in graphic design and immediately pivoted to self-employment where he focused on making videos for clients in a timeless and creative manner. From the beginning, Jeremy helped guide Rachael in the founding of Wildmint until he became an official partner and creative director, using his artistic passions to help their clients grow.

We work with an inclusive team of talented artists, designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, and developers. We curate each project with the team member(s) that are the best fit for that specific client and strategy.


If you are interested in joining the Wildmint Media team, please email your resume, cover letter, portfolio (if applicable), and 2 samples of your work to info@wildmintmedia.com. Folks who identify as members of historically underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply. A diverse team and open culture are at the heart of our agency and vital to our growth as well as our clients.