Inspired Academics

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About This Project

We aimed to create a brand identity that would reflect the same care and passion that this wonderful, tutoring brand does in its work with children. In developing the name, Inspired Academics, we focused on the outcomes that the company founder strives for with all her clients and tutors. In creating the brand imagery and logo, we looked for natural elements that inspired joy as children, leading us to the memory of blowing on a dandelion and watching its seeds fly. We incorporated educational symbols into the dandelion seeds and chose a color palette with a strong academic blue-green and bright, joyful yellow and green. We later discover the founder had a special connection to dandelions, relating to the time of year her son was born.

Wildmint developed Inspired Academics’ online presence with clean, responsive website design on WordPress and cinematic professional photography. We continue working with Inspired Academics to create print ads and Facebook ads to further grow their brand.

See the brand identity and website we created: