Front Street District

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About This Project

Front Street District in Downtown Hartford is:

The Capital Grille

Bear’s Smokehouse

UConn Hartford

Barnes & Noble

Spotlight Theater

Ted’s Montana Grill

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro

El Pollo Guapo

Rush Bowls

We are passionate about revitalizing the Hartford area and are thrilled to contribute to our community through our work with Front Street District. Wildmint developed a new social media strategy for Front Street District to bring awareness to the district, its tenants, and Downtown Hartford. We work individually with each tenant as well as neighboring organizations to create creative content that generates engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We manage targeted Facebook ads to maximize content reach and provide marketing consulting to the district to leverage local resources and facilitate community impact.

We rebranded Front Street District with new a new logo and website. We designed a logo that reinforces the historic community aspect with a broadway style street sign and modern font representing the intersection of streets. The website we designed is clean, modern and responsive, featuring a left side menu that makes navigation easy and visually appealing.