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About This Project

We’ve been working with ALL-GAS on their ongoing marketing strategy, branding, and content creation.


We redesigned their website on WordPress with a modern, responsive design that enhances their strengths as a company. We integrated an online store through Shopify, generating sales for their welding equipment division.


We produced a video campaign series, Meet the Family, to showcase 7 of their long-standing employees and empathic work culture. Filmed and directed by our Director of video, Jeremy White. We saw an increased customer response to this series on social media and in email marketing click-through rates.


We designed several billboards, driving brand awareness with exceptional success on the 860-PROPANE billboard campaign.


We developed a customer leave-behind packet to increase customer loyalty and cross-promotion of other business sectors.


Partnering with Saint Francis Hospital, we created a donation campaign for their NICU. Promoting the NICU through web and digital, print, and designing a Saint Francis Hospital NICU wrap for an ALL-GAS propane truck that donated one penny per gallon of propane daily.


Wildmint Media continues to implement email marketing, social media marketing and other digital campaigns to support our strategic marketing goals.