West End Farmers’ Market of Hartford

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About This Project

From the Market Master, Caroline Finnegan:

“Rachael and Wildmint Media have been wonderful partners in helping us increase our social media presence. Before Rachael came on board, we struggled with our Instagram account. There was so much else to do, and social media is not something that comes naturally to us. Wildmint stepped in and began posting on our behalf. The number of followers increased, but more importantly, the engagement with the market and our vendors resulted in increased customers at the market. It was a noticeable, and very welcome, result of working with Wildmint. We highly recommend Rachael’s work, and encourage anyone thinking of expanding their social media presence to work with Wildmint.”

We worked with the West End Farmers’ Market of Hartford, CT to increase their social media presence and the number of visitors at the market. We focused on expanding their Instagram presence by publishing high quality content and engaging with users in the community. Our efforts resulted in doubling the number of Instagram followers by the end of the season and seeing a noticeable increase to market customers.